I am a multidisciplinary designer and developer with over eight years experience. I am passionate about design, both aesthetically and functionally. I create digital experiences that are based on the needs of its users and are tailored to the goals of the client.

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Being the senior designer/developer for a small creative company means having knowledge of and utilizing all aspects of product design. I am constantly practicing the fundamentals of graphic, interface, and interaction design, user experience, and usability. Perpetual communication and collaboration are a large part of my daily life not just within my team but with clients as well.

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I always start by identifying the client’s goals and the users’ needs. Finding where they intersect and the problem(s) to solve. Then I will brainstorm and strategize creative and intuitive solutions. I consider user stories and possible user flows. Always referencing back to the first step to make sure my concepts align. I start the creation process with wireframes and work up to high-fidelity mockups. I make sure the information is organized effectively and the interface design is compelling yet intuitive. If branding is needed I’ll start that here; creating logos, color schemes, etc. I implement the design utilizing progressive enhancement when using the newest technology. I make sure it’s mobile-friendly not just responsive. I also consider accessibility and backwards compatibility.